At Rushmore House Montessori preschool and Orpington Montessori preschool we use an extended curriculum covering both Montessori and EYFS activities. The curriculum consists of seven learning areas. Children are gradually introduced to the activities in each area. These areas are:

The Activities of Everyday Living are the main link between home and the preschool. Sensorial, also known as Education of the Senses, is about understanding colour, size, flavour, smell, pitch, texture and weight. Literacy is listening and attention to stories, recognising text, alphabet and blending , mark making, drawing, good pencil control using Montessori phonetics. Mathematics is learning maths the Montessori way. The Cultural learning area is about understanding the world around us. Creativity is making, and expressing ourselves. The Physical learning area is about developing whole body balance and coordination.

How does Forest School contribute to children’s physical development?

Forest School is great for Physical development. The session starts with a walk to the woods, climbing over styles. We say hello to the horses in the field and feed carrots to the goats. More low level climbing is done when we reach the Climbing Tree, a fallen tree. This is where we have a biscuit break. Our walk takes us to the Jumping Logs, which are piles of logs that children can climb on and safely jump off. Here we have lunch when the weather is good. Then there is a walk and run back to the preschool.